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Service Benefits

On-time Guarantee
Freight Tracking & Support
24/7 Dispatch & Support

Types of Freight

Automotive Parts
High Value / High Risk

Service Distinctives

10 Years Experience
Marine Corps Standard
Integrity & Dependibility 





Thanks for taking time to find out what UNITED is all about. We have an open door policy within our office, and that is no different for our customers; we are available for your needs 24/7 (365).

We offer an on-time guarantee, and we stand behind our word.

If your load is more than 4 hours late due to driver performance (or something that was within in our control), we will give back 10% of the transportation cost for that load. If we have a breakdown or encounter heavy traffic or inclement weather, we guarantee that we will communicate the delay within 60 min. of the occurrence.

Communication and transparency are key.

All of our drivers are trained to ensure that good communication happens on every load. We only hire the best drivers, and personnel to take care of your freight. We have a rigorous and demanding driver/employee training that takes place before they are able to touch “live” freight.