Tyler Mixon / President

Tyler’s military career started in 2012, when he stepped on the yellow footprints at the infamous Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island, SC, during his 13 weeks journey to earn the title United States Marine.

At the end of boot camp he was nominated to be honor graduate for his platoon. After earning the title of United States Marine, Tyler headed to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA, where he continued his training to become an infantry Marine – the tip of the spear for this elite fighting force. During his training, Tyler showed his leadership and physical capabilities. At the end of training, his instructors and peers nominated him to be the honor graduate for the entire graduating class. After leaving Camp Pendleton, Tyler was stationed at 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines in Montgomery, AL, where he was meritoriously promoted as an NCO (non-commissioned officer).

The title Marine still resonates in the core of his being. He will always stand true to the Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage, Commitment and the infamous Marine Corps words Semper Fidelis (always faithful). As a civilian, those values (and the refusal to quit before the job is done) have paid off.

United Logistics is where Tyler now funnels his passion for people. He is unwilling to be anything other than the very best in the transportation industry.